Kinetic recovery ropes

When its time to recover a stuck vehicle, it is always a great idea to use your Kinetic Energy Rope. The ropes adds value to removing a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment from many different types of terrains. From mud to sand the rope will stretch up to 28% and store the vehicles energy to complete a safe and successful pull. At USArope and Recovery LLC we don’t compromise quality for the safety of our customers.


From the yarn in the rope through the finished product, we manufacture our products with pride. Not only do we splice the rope in house but we make it from fine yarns with in house engineering to develop a high quality product. Our Kinetic Energy ropes are Made from 100% Nylon that has been manufactured and tested in the USA


When working in temperatures from -50f to 490f, our Nylon Kinetic Ropes are made to withstand the elements for many different applications. The VB Urethane used as a protective coating is highly UV resistant and locks fibers together to eliminate snagging. With the addition of a floating sleeve will helps with protecting the rope from sharp edges.

Pulling with Confidence & Power

When hooking your vehicle up for a recovery it is nice to be confident about the products you are using. When matched to the proper vehicle, kinetic energy rope has a high load to breaking strength ratio for the safety of the recovery. With a properly spliced eye on a rope the stress is evenly distributed for higher breaking strengths

100% U.S.A MADE

Our ropes are a berry compliant product which means it can me used by the United States Military


Available Line Diameter: 5/8" ATV - 3/4" UTV - 7/8" Small Truck - 1" Medium Trucks - 1 1/4" Heavy Trucks.

Color Options: Blue - Gray - Green - Pink - Purple - Red - Yellow.

Length Options: 20' & 30'

Usa Rope & Recovery has the capacity to manufacture synthetic winchlines in many configurations and colors.

$79.95 – $224.95