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9/16" 12-Strand HMPE Rope


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Diameter: 9/16"

Material: HMPE

Avg. Breaking Strength: 28,000 lbs

Weight/100' (lbs) : 7.8


Versatile When it Counts

Engineered to excel in all environments, HMPE offers unique properties that are sought after for industrial Cranes, Marine mooring lines, Automotive Recovery Practices and much more! HMPE offers low stretch and high flex fatigue resistance, repeated wrapping and hookups won’t damage your rope.  Boaters love HMPE, low weight and high workload rating make HMPE extremely desirable…It floats too!

Extremely Durable

HMPE is used in many different shielding applications from ballistic shielding to cut resistant gloves because of its abrasion resistance. No matter what the situation HMPE has excellent resistance to almost all chemicals as well as UV.  At USA Rope we use only the best urethane coatings to lock fibers together for snag prevention and add an extra layer of protection.

Unmatched Strength

When it comes to the jobsite, strength and safety go hand in hand, it is always a good idea to use equipment that has the highest workload ratio. HMPE fiber is 15 times stronger than steel pound for pound and has a much higher bend fatigue ratio than steel cable. HMPE has been replacing wire and steel cable in many different applications for years.

Safety First

There are many benefits to using Synthetic rope over steel cable when it comes to safety.  Using steel cable over time will create burrs and splinters on a line that will puncture your hand if it is not handled properly. With the use of a synthetic cable, It is lighter easier to maneuver and less likely to store energy than a steel line.


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